While making up a smaller part of the partnership, residential property has become of increasing importance over the last decade. We aim to have long term tenants, whether they are based in the City or Countryside.




The key to any retail outlet is location and footfall  These two points are main critera we look at with any potential retail developments and investments.



We believe that small start up units are key to any growing economy, therefor we hope we are well placed to service some of that demand in the North East.



About Us

Formed in 2005, Musidora Land is a private family partnership whose focus is to invest in and develop, property throughout the North of England. The aim is to add value through asset management, with an emphasis on tenant longevity.

Commercial property in the North East is at the heart of the partnership, with a diverse collection of properties, from town centre retail space to industrial units. Residential property makes up a smaller yet no less important part of the partnership.

We are always looking for opportunities to invest in long term assets, both commercial and residential.



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